Munchkin Car Tint

  • $39.00
Tax included.

A funky pattern for your kids to look at while reducing the sun in their eyes but still allowing you to see out the window while driving. 

No more stick on shades that fall off or hinder the movement of the window. 

This - easy to apply - special perforated vinyl is developed especially for vehicles and meets all Australian traffic and transport regulations. 

It goes on just like a sticker and can be removed easily without the use of nasty chemicals. 

The printed panel you will get is 800mm (w) x 600mm (h) and will cover 1 back passenger window (if you have an extra large back window - please measure it to make sure this will fit. We will make a custom size for you if it doesn't fit) 

Alternatively if you have a tiny window to cover - please contact us as we always have offcuts hanging around and hate throwing stuff away.